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Manual Gear

Badger CDL recommends always testing in a manual truck.  When passing the exam in a manual driven vehicle, you have no restriction on what type of truck you drive, whether it is manual or automatic.

Automatic Gear

Automatic truck tests are conducted the same as a manual truck tests.  These are easier to pass for minimal skilled drivers, but will place a automatic restriction on your new CDL.  To lift the automatic restriction you must test again in a manual truck. Think before you shift!  Don't get stuck in gear.

3 Weeks 

After the CDL Permit is issued, you must wait a minimum of 14 days to be able to take your CDL Exam with any Examiner.  We hope that by week No. 3, you have your CDL!  2 weeks wait, study & practice.  3rd week get your license.  Get scheduled from now.

Pre-Test Inspection

Learning your pre-trip inspection is very critical on testing day.  If you don't pass your pre-trip, you will not be allowed access to proceed to your next test until the pre-trip is passed.  This is the law for all examiners. We want you prepared to PASS, so study.

DOT Handbook

Study the DOT handbook for CDL's.  Driving is important, but learning the laws, rules and facts is critical to your success in the test and on the road as a new driver.

Cost of Testing

Badger CDL charges $50.00 per test:

1) Pre-Trip Inspection $50.00

2) Basic Controls "Backing portion" $50.00

3) Skills Test "Road Test portion" $50.00

$150.00 for the entire test!  Can't beat that.


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